Please see below for details and how to enter your artwork. Congratulations to the artists so far who have enjoyed a few minutes of creative therapy with their six-year-old inner artists! ~ Wendy

Karen Mueller Bryson

Artist: Karen Mueller Bryson

Artist: Debra Ann Christian

Artist: Debra Ann Christian

Artist: Bonnie Lou Coleman

Artist: Laurie Fagen

Artist: Laurie Fagen

Artist: John Fleishans

Artist: Ginger Fleishans

Artist: Nick Vandehei

Artist: Nick Vandehei


Re-discover your Six-Year-Old Inner Artist by coloring the Road Runner below and emailing him me. You will receive a free e-book copy of Your Six-Year-Old Inner Artist Dream Journal, a Workbook, your artwork will be posted to this website, and you will be entered to have your piece appear on my next Workbook cover, Drawing the American Southwest (2016) along with an acknowledgment of your contribution.*

  1. Print out my Road Runner below,
  2. Color it in any medium you prefer,
  3. Take a photo of your finished artwork,
  4. Email it to me at

Discover, re-discover and strengthen your six-year-old inner artist by trying an activity you never thought you’d try or enjoy, and surprise yourself!


* By submitting your artwork you agree to allow me to add your email to my mailing list, to have your artwork appear on my website with acknowledgment, and published in my next Workbook cover, Drawing the American Southwest with acknowledgment. Contest deadline 12/31/2015.

~ Wendy