Notes of Thanks

Hand-written thank you notes seem to be a dying practice. Receiving personal mail through the post, be it holiday, birthday or condolence cards or even a letter, is an event to be celebrated in our house. So when Tim asked me to turn yesterday’s drawing into thank you notes I was thrilled to do it.

My painting skills don’t always live up to my expectations, and like most artists I’m never 100% happy with any of my work. But I was pleased to offer up the following finished piece…and reminded to thank all of you who are reading this and supporting my efforts.


DoCha Vida, Web Site

Working with a group of merchants in historic downtown Chandler, AZ I was able to create Photographs were provided by a participating photography studio, Light Rain Images, and the remaining merchants provided time, energy and/or money. It was the first design I’d created around the ambiance of a location. This design also became the source for a post card design and an 11″X17″ poster.


© Docha Vida, Photos © Light Rain Images
Web Site Design © Wendy Fallon


Saguaro Sunset, with Love from Arizona

This watercolor painting, measuring 7″ X 5″, was sold to a German couple who came into Art on Boston one evening. I’ve learned that I am the best one to sell my own artwork. Patrons enjoy speaking with and getting to know the artist of their purchased art and this makes for wonderful conversations.


The colors in this painting were inspired by the brilliant sunsets over the desert, with wide horizons and ever-changing cloud formations.


Saguaro Sunset © Wendy Fallon 



For a grand total of 3 whole issues, I designed and published my own newsletter, sent through the post to my mailing list. Eventually I found it easier to design an email newletter, and sent it out each Christmas. Sending anything through the post seems to have decreased alarmingly, and I recently realized I rarely send anything at all through the post. Seems a bit sad…but I did enjoy the designs.




© Wendy Fallon