Evil in the Water Publishing Today April 30, 2019

Evil in the Water

TODAY! Available on Amazon, April 30
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Cali May’s next adventure!
Cali researches her family tree and finds a long lost cousin, Lola Penrose, living on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Lola invites her to come for a visit, and stay in the Penrose Retreat House. Cali arrives the morning after the murder of Lola’s Aunt Gracie, and not only stumbles over the dead body, but also a group of brooding spirits who arrive to help Gracie into the afterlife. Did the murder have anything to do with the large, sealed, clay pot, dating from the 1500’s, Gracie found buried in the crawlspace under her cottage? And are there really man-eating alligators in Florida?

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Winners in the Adult Coloring Contest: Congratulations!

My Adult Coloring Contest 2015 is now closed, but watch for more fun contests in 2016!

I am pleased to congratulate and thank all of you who participated in my Adult Coloring Contest 2015. The following Artists (in no particular order) will have their artwork included on the cover of my next Workbook, Drawing & Coloring the American Southwest, Animals & Cacti of the Arizona-Sonoran Desert.

Ginger Fleishans
John Fleishans
Nick Vandehei
Bonnie Lou Coleman
Debra Ann Christian
Laurie Fagen
Karen Mueller Bryson

Here is a sneak peak at the cover in progress:

Drawing & Coloring the American Southwest by WFallon

Drawing & Coloring the American Southwest by WFallon

All participants will receive their choice of a free ebook copy of either workbook: Your Six-Year-Old Inner Aritst Dream Journal, OR Drawing & Coloring the American Southwest when it is publish in 2016.
Thank you so much for reading and participating! ~ Wendy

Seven Days Left to Win! Adult Coloring Contest


I’m still accepting entries for my Adult Coloring Contest. Your opportunity to be included on the cover of my next Workbook, and to win a free e-book copy of Your Six-Year-Old Inner Artist Dream Journal Workbook, ends midnight Dec. 31, 2015.

Indulge your Six-Year-Old Inner Artist by coloring the Road Runner! Visit the http://wendyfallon.com, Contests page for details.


Shake Up Your Six-Year-Old Inner Artist



Re-discover your Six-Year-Old Inner Artist by coloring my Road Runner and emailing him to me. You will receive a free e-book copy of Your Six-Year-Old Inner Artist Dream Journal, a Workbook, your artwork will be posted to this website, and you will be entered to have your piece appear on my next Workbook cover, Drawing the American Southwest (2016) along with an acknowledgment of your contribution.*

  1. Print out my Road Runner above,
  2. Color it in any medium you prefer,
  3. Take a photo of your finished artwork,
  4. Email it to me at fallondesigns@cox.net.

Discover, re-discover and strengthen your six-year-old inner artist by attempting an activity you never thought you’d try or enjoy, and surprise yourself!

* Visit my website, http://www.wendyfallon.com, for details and terms. Contest deadline 12/31/2015.

~ Wendy

My Newest Cover Art for ‘Betrothal, Betrayal, and Blood’, by JoAnna Senger


Copyright 2015 JoAnna Senger

*** Next Projects ***

Two New Workbooks from Wendy Wickham Fallon

Beginning Drawing for Adults Who Think They Can’t

An Introduction to Drawing

The first goal of this Workbook is to teach you to draw. It includes the following basic concepts that should be a part of any beginning drawing class.

  1. Gesture Drawing
  2. Straight Lines and Curves
  3. Simple Shapes
  4. Drawing Complex Objects Using Simple Shapes

Encouraging Creativity & Self-Confidence

Learning the basics of hand drawing, however, is not the most important goal of this Workbook. The foremost function of this class is to provide you with step-by-step exercises that encourage you to exercise your right brain. In doing so, you should be able to loosen up and relax about your own perceived lack of skill or training, and encourage self-confidence in what is possible for you to accomplish in your own life.

Drawing the American Southwest

How to draw the Animals & Cacti of the Arizona-Sonora Desert.

I’ll keep you posted about my progress with each of these Workbooks. I’m also writing an American Southwest Paranormal Murder Mystery! Stay tuned, and thank you for reading.

~ Wendy

New Release: A Companion Workbook

I am so excited to announce my newest book!

Your Six-Year-Old Inner Artist Dream Journal, a Companion Workbook

by Wendy Wickham Fallon


Now available on Amazon.com

This 8 1/2 X 11″, 76 page workbook is designed as a companion to my first book,
My Six-Year-Old Inner Artist, Everybody has one!
It includes 12 expanded Play & Learns from the original book with
plenty of room for thoughts and ideas. Each exercise provides you with tools
and references for moving forward in your life with confidence and optimism.

Anyone who signs up for my mailing list will receive a
free PDF copy of the Dream Journal
as a personal thank you from me.

Offer good until May 31, 2015

(…and this is a perfect example of why you should join my mailing list! These announcement may not always be included on my web site.)

My Very Own Publishing Process


Proofs Arrive Oh Happy Day!

OK, so nobody said it would be an easy or short learning curve.

I’ve just clicked the button to place my new book, My Six-Year-Old Inner Artist, Everybody has one! into production in print and as an e-book on Createspace.com. To be honest, I’m thrilled to have navigated the entire process from the glimmer of a book idea all the way through to actually holding it in my hands!

Tip: when publishing anything, DO NOT anticipate or announce an exact publishing date. At least not until AFTER your editor is done with it, or you may end up like me, sounding like the boy who cried wolf. Those who’ve initially expressed an interest in reading or purchasing your baby may have evaporated by the time it’s a physical product and available for sale.

And about that one last little click of a button that makes your baby available to the world? This is what you get in return: ‘Your book will be available immediately on Createspace.com, and in 3-5 days on Amazon.’ It makes sense, since they have to set up the digital process for producing your book, but for those of us awestruck by the magic of instant digital gratification, it’s an eternity!

However, I’m still dancing my happy dance, and hope you’ll keep me in mind in 3-5 days, when you, too, can order your own copy of my book, My Six-Year-Old Inner Artist, Everybody has one! and learn how to identify and strengthen your own inner artist, and put it to work creating a life to fall in love with!

My First Book Published

You are all getting a sneak peak at my latest project,
My Six-Year-Old Inner Artist


(Draft Cover)

The book is based on my belief that all of us have a creative component (our right-brain functions, or inner artist), that acts as our survival gene.

I credit my inner artist with my emotional, financial and creative recovery after
losing everything in the latest, greatest recession.  Having co-founded an art gallery with exhibit space, classrooms, and artists’ studios, with a former business partner, the loses were particularly devastating. Not only did we lose the Gallery, I lost my income, financial security, benefits, friendships, and my family
lost our home.

Find out how my family and I rebuilt our lives, and how my inner artist contributed to finding not only new employment, but a new direction.

Scheduled Publishing Date: Dec. 1, 2014
Title: My Six-Year-Old Inner Artist