WordPress vs Blogger: An Artist’s struggle to master social media


I currently use and maintain a WordPress blog at WendyFallon.com. However, I’ve just learned about the expanded distribution I might receive through Blogger via Google. As an artist and writer, technology is not typically my thing. I’ve often said, and believe, that I can learn and know just enough about social media to make a mess of it. But there’s really only one way to find out, and that’s to jump in and try it.

I’m fascinated by the idea that I just might be able to communicate, even interact with, people from all over the world, essentially for free! So here is just a bit about me.

About Me
In my day job I spend my time formating, editing and writing about software. In my spare time, I write for myself and create art. My latest interests have been publishing my own books through Createspace and  making them available on Amazon, creating book cover art for other published authors, and am currently writing a American Southwest Paranormal Murder Mystery. I love to create scenes and stories in my head and have finally decided to develop one ‘on paper.’

Creative Process
Just as I love hand drawing, I also prefer to hand write my stories rather than type them into my laptop. For me, the whole creative process revolves around pencil and paper, scribbles, drawings and bubble diagrams. I think this is because it involves my right brain functions much more than typing does and allows me the posibility of forming three dimesional characters and worlds from a two dimensional piece of paper, just as painting or drawing does. I am actually conscious of the grain of the paper and the sharpness, or dullness, of the pencil. Often I’ll finish up a writing session and have several doodles in the margins.

Blogger is certainly easy to set up, change colors, fonts, and backgrounds. WordPress was also easy to set up, but not nearly as easy to customize. So far, Blogger is flexible enough to satisfy my inner artist. I’ve succesfully uploaded an imaage of a few of my doodles to my first post on Blogger. However, I’m having trouble ‘sharing’ my Blogger post with the world. It looks like this may take more investigation. ~ Wendy

New Email Sign Up Link! Website Technology for Artists


I’ll be right up front with you, marketing is not my forte. But I’m a self-learner, and really, how hard could setting up a subscription form for my readers to join my newsletter be? Quite difficult, as it turns out.

I’ve been attempting to build my mailing list for several months, as many of you know. I’m also doing it on a shoe-string budget (that means free.) Often I read everything I can find on how to do something, but this time I seemed to have absorbed just enough to make a mess.

An email provider for newsletters was recommended to me and, what a delightful surprise…it was free! Their website was so simple it was difficult to navigate in. I guess that was the first indication that I needed things spelled out a bit more. I managed to create a Campaign for my first Newsletter, and imported a mailing list I’d been holding on to ever since my Art on Boston days (closed in 2010). I figured my patrons from those days might still be interested in my art and writing projects. After sending out my Newsletter, I received a notice that told me the email provider had eliminated all the emails of those who didn’t open, respond or otherwise hit a button to acknowledge my email.

This immediately cut my patrons to approximately 25% of my original mailing list. This is OK, I thought, I don’t want to spam people who don’t want or need to know about my projects. At least I now knew who was interested.

So I started a Campaign to build on these few remaining emails that basically represented immediate family and friends. I carefully read the email provider’s instructions for placing a sign-up form on my website. The provider generated a link that would take readers to a sign up page which would then add them to my mailing list. I added the link into my website, and voila! It was magic! I now had a tasteful, polite text phrase that directed readers to ‘click here’ to sign up for my mailing list. You don’t know how ecstatic this makes an overly right-brained, artistic type, non-technical person like me feel!!!!

I then sent out pleas for emails. And got nothing. I offered a free gift to anyone signing up…and still seemed to be getting nothing. I then received an email from a wonderful reader who had read my book and wanted to sign up (she wasn’t even asking for the free gift!) and told me the sign up page was missing!

Somehow, somewhere, at some time when I wasn’t looking, the link given to me by the email provider had changed! So the few individuals who wanted to sign up, couldn’t.

I’ve gone back to the provider, found the NEW current link to my form and corrected it in my website. I’m wondering now if I’m going to have to test this link once a week, every time I send out a new Newsletter (always a good idea), or whenever…Of course, I will never admit that just maybe, I’m getting what I’ve paid for…

Tip: ALWAYS test your website links as often as you can, and especially before sending out solicitations that invite your reader to visit your website and take action. They might be doing exactly what you ask them, but if the link is broken, you’ll never know!

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~ Wendy