Books by Wendy Fallon

Death Remembers – A year after the death of her husband, Arizona resident and recently retired California (Cali) May is feeling old, tired and obsolete. As she spirals out of emotional control, she begins to experience terrifying visions. Burdened not only with depression and overwhelming grief, but now also with learning to live with ghosts, she begins to use her new, controversial talent to uncover clues to past and current murders. She enlists the help of Daniel Silvertree, a Native American Arizona State Park Ranger and the only one who doesn’t condemn her paranormal capabilities. Together they uncover the truth about the missing priceless Native American carvings, murder, and corporate corruption.

Killing Rose – Cali May’s daughter, Sophie, and her new boyfriend, Josh, fall over the body of Dolly Hart, a celebrity ‘Jeweler to the Stars’ while crawling through the Casa Grande ruins in Coolidge, AZ. At the same time, while waiting for her daughter to re-emerge from the seven-hundred-year-old multi-level mud structure, Cali is visited by a ghost child. 

Magnolia Murders – Arizona artist Cali May, and Native American Arizona State Park Ranger, Daniel Silvertree drive to Sedona, Arizona to enjoy a relaxing week in the high Sonoran Desert at the amazing Magnolia House Bed and Breakfast. Cali is startled to see and hear the ghost of a sobbing woman in the lobby of the guesthouse before she’s even shown to their room. Beneath the delightful Sears kit Magnolia floor plan of the 1920s, Cali begins to sense the unnerving presence of hidden secrets. Learning of the disappearance of a child, and the suspicious death of the patriarch who built the house in 1928, Cali realizes that ghosts not only inhabit the structure, but a lifetime of guilt on the part of the current inhabitants is beginning to emerge. 

Evil in the Water – Cali May researches her family tree and finds a long lost cousin, Lola Penrose, living on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Lola invites her to visit and stay in the Penrose Retreat House. Cali arrives the morning after the murder of Lola’s Aunt Gracie, not only stumbling over the dead body but also into a group of brooding spirits who are there to help Gracie into the afterlife. Did the murder have anything to do with the large, sealed clay pot, dating from the 1500s, Gracie found buried in her crawl space?

Black Diamond Graves – Cali May attends an Artists’ Retreat at Tawnee Mountain Ski and Golf Resort in North Jersey. She’s appalled to see a figure fall from the Black Diamond ski lift as she and the other attendees ride the lift to a small lodge on the first day. She finds herself stranded at the top of the mountain with several creative souls both dead and alive, and must uncover a murderer before she too becomes a target.

Aerdon Manor Murders – Melissa (Lisi) Pendleton is a thirty-year-old, newly-graduated architect specializing in historic restoration. In this first book in the Lisi Pendelton Mysteries, she is thrilled to secure a position with one of the premier firms in New York City, but quits in tears after a traumatic experience. A long-estranged aunt makes a serendipitous offer of room and board in the village of Aerdon in the Hudson River Valley in return for restoring the decaying family mansion. When a body is discovered on the Aerdon Manor estate, Lisi realizes she must fight to save not only her aunt’s home, but her own new-found family. Realizing she can communicate with the old house she fears her new-found paranormal gift is just her imagination.