About Wendy Fallon

Wendy Fallon is a professional writer and artist who recently moved in December 2017 to a beach in Florida from the desert in Phoenix, AZ.

After studying Fine Art at the University of CT, and Architecture at Catholic University in Washington, DC, Fallon founded Turtle Creek Designs, which became Fallon Designs in 2007, providing graphic and fine art for web, print, and collectors of fine art.

Along the way, Fallon worked for an Arizona computer company as a graphic designer, and a technical and corporate writer. She currently works for a global software company as a Senior Information Developer.

In 2007, Fallon co-founded Art on Boston Gallery with a fellow artist and business partner. The Gallery, located in historic downtown Chandler, AZ from 2007 to 2010, provided exhibit space, artists’ studios and classrooms. Fallon’s personal mediums of choice are pencil drawing and water-based painting and sold her artwork through the Gallery to several visiting collectors from the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Fallon’s non-fiction writing efforts have been published in The Good Old Days Magazine, and include two previous books about harnessing personal creativity:

My Six-Year-Old Inner Artist, Everybody has one!
Your Six-Year-Old Inner Artist Dream Journal, A Companion Workbook

Fallon joined the national and Desert Sleuths Chapter of Sisters in Crime in 2015 to explore her dark side by applying her creativity to writing paranormal murder mysteries…in her spare time. In 2017, her fiction short story, Elixir of Death, was published in SoWest: Killer Nights: Sisters in Crime Desert Sleuths Chapter Anthology. In 2018, Fallon launched her series: Cali May Mysteries. So far, she’s published three books and one novella, published by Short on Time Books:

Death Remembers, March 2018

Killing Rose, March 2018

Black Diamond Graves (novella), April 2018

Magnolia Murders, September 2018

All her books can be found on Amazon.