Looking Forward, News from Wendy Fallon, Mystery Writer

Left Coast Crime 2022: Southwest Sleuths

Albuquerque, New Mexico, April 7 – 10, 202


As so many of my writer and reader friends are doing, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the next live book conference. I’ve registered to attend Left Coast Crime 2022 after two years of seclusion and pandemic. My own pandemic time has included several trips to the hospital and a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. After overcoming an overwhelmingly panicked response to such horrifying news, and eight months of chemo treatments, I have finally settled into a ‘new normal.’ Although my life now encompasses uncomfortable stretches of time, I have recovered my sense of supreme fulfillment through writing and making art and am delighted to have completed Aerdon Manor Murders.  I’m looking forward to being able to present my latest book and introducing you to my new heroine, Lisi Pendleton, in person, in April, 2022.

Cali May’s Latest Adventure

Cali May, my Southwest heroine, also has new book #6 under construction. She once again visits Florida for a month while Daniel Silvertree, her husband and Native American Arizona State Park Ranger attends a conference on water management. Renting a cozy cottage in an RV park, she enjoys the perfect weather, gorgeous landscaping, and quirky, mostly retired, residents. When she discovers two older ladies have disappeared, she realizes there is some bad karma hidden in paradise.

About Wendy Fallon

By day I am a technical writer, and by night and on weekends I am an artist and creative writer. Having lived in Phoenix, AZ with my husband Tim for 23 years, I find the urban wilderness in which we lived to be endlessly fascinating. Our home was tucked up against South Mountain, the largest city park in the U.S. The canal slashing across the base of the mountain provides inspiration for paintings, drawings, and sitings of wild coyotes, skittering fluffs of newborn quail, lizards and constant change.
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