My Very Own Publishing Process


Proofs Arrive Oh Happy Day!

OK, so nobody said it would be an easy or short learning curve.

I’ve just clicked the button to place my new book, My Six-Year-Old Inner Artist, Everybody has one! into production in print and as an e-book on To be honest, I’m thrilled to have navigated the entire process from the glimmer of a book idea all the way through to actually holding it in my hands!

Tip: when publishing anything, DO NOT anticipate or announce an exact publishing date. At least not until AFTER your editor is done with it, or you may end up like me, sounding like the boy who cried wolf. Those who’ve initially expressed an interest in reading or purchasing your baby may have evaporated by the time it’s a physical product and available for sale.

And about that one last little click of a button that makes your baby available to the world? This is what you get in return: ‘Your book will be available immediately on, and in 3-5 days on Amazon.’ It makes sense, since they have to set up the digital process for producing your book, but for those of us awestruck by the magic of instant digital gratification, it’s an eternity!

However, I’m still dancing my happy dance, and hope you’ll keep me in mind in 3-5 days, when you, too, can order your own copy of my book, My Six-Year-Old Inner Artist, Everybody has one! and learn how to identify and strengthen your own inner artist, and put it to work creating a life to fall in love with!