Twisted Strength

I had the opportunity to sit at the back of my yard in the shade and enjoy a cooling breeze. While there I drew the mesquite tree below that grows along the canal. It is home to a very active community of ground squirrels.

I’ve written about how much I like these trees before, but this one is amazingly gnarled and twisted. Such character and strength this tree exudes!

Curiously, when planted as part of a landscape design in the American Southwest, it is recommended that the canopy be trimmed approximately 20% before the monsoon season to force its roots to go deep in search of water. This would prevent the wind gusts of the monsoon storms from grabbing hold of the canopy and twisting it in all directions or even causing the tree to be uprooted.

I don’t believe this tree has ever been trimmed, except by the ground squirrels while munching on the canopy up as far as their 8-12” stance on hind legs can reach. I suspect this tree has held up to the wind all on its own, twisting its trunk into amazing expressions. I love this show of strength, and the cooperative function between the tree, its environment, and the ground squirrel clan.

About Wendy Fallon

By day I am a technical writer, and by night and on weekends I am an artist and creative writer. Having lived in Phoenix, AZ with my husband Tim for 23 years, I find the urban wilderness in which we lived to be endlessly fascinating. Our home was tucked up against South Mountain, the largest city park in the U.S. The canal slashing across the base of the mountain provides inspiration for paintings, drawings, and sitings of wild coyotes, skittering fluffs of newborn quail, lizards and constant change.
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6 Responses to Twisted Strength

  1. Lovely drawing – trees are so full of character and with imagination, great stories.


  2. Wendy Fallon says:

    Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy the drawing – trees have always been a favorite subject of mine!


  3. Carleen Mejza says:

    Lovely post Wendy, I wake up every day to a lovely tree outside my bedroom window, all seasons, all hours, every day, all my days, and it calms my energy for the day and allows my mind to wander beyond. Thanks for the topic of trees today!


  4. Wendy Fallon says:

    Hi Carleen! Thank you for your wonderful comment. Yes, I love trees too and enjoy being near them. They have always been very inspiring!


  5. Patty Hall says:

    Beautiful tree, Wendy! The greens are lovely and I love the twisted trunk. Reminds me so much of my time in AZ.


  6. Wendy Fallon says:

    Thank you, Patty!


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