Daily Sketch 06/04/12 ‘Henrietta’

In previous posts I introduced you to Henri, our small but super-hyper backyard visitor. It turns out Henri has spread the word, and we now have several different hummingbirds visiting daily. Of course, hanging a brightly colored feeder with sticky liquid on tap helps tremendously.

For several weeks I couldn’t tell the difference between the tiny zippers, until we recently discovered a golfball-sized nest tucked into one of our trees just off the patio. It seems Henri has a friend/mate whom we’ve named Henrietta. This diminutive version has a solid black head and is about half the size of Henri.

We’ve seen her guarding her nest, angrily fussing at birds many more times her size, if they dare land too close. But we’ve also noticed her missing…leaving the nest unoccupied for hours at a time. Is this the lack of an egg, as yet to be deposited into this cement-like fortress of a nest? We’re hoping she’s not a gad-about, and will demonstrate her proficiency in motherhood by raising her baby in our backyard. Of course Junior might be too small to find….it makes me feel like an expectant grandmother all over again!


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