Daily Sketch 05/10/12 ‘Hope’

Today I offer the following two observations.

This morning I noticed a disgusting twist on gummy worms when I spotted a grackle ecstatically breakfasting on what looked like a fat, green rubber band.

Two days ago a landscape crew came through quail family territory, trimming trees and shrubs and blowing leaves out of corners with a ferocious roar. Last night we also experienced a torrential downpour, thunder, lightening and ‘dustnados’ (no, I didn’t make that up.) No sign of the quail family.

Upon further investigation I identified the poor bright green lizard as a seed pod (I think…) from a tree in my yard, with immense relief. I also saw Mama quail skitter by with 4 babies, possibly 5. I tell myself that just because I didn’t see Papa and the remaining babies doesn’t mean they weren’t there. After all, they were moving pretty fast. And you see how I assumed the grackle was feasting on my backyard, bug-eating lizard friends.

 So I continue, along with Mama quail, to practice hope. Hope that the gummy lizard really was a seed pod, hope that the remainder of the quail family wasn’t frightened or blown half-way to Mexico, hope that the world can live happily ever after.


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