Daily Sketch 05/02/12 ‘In My Right Mind’

As I stare at my monitor I’m becoming more than a little frustrated. Such is my despair at not finding a job. I’ve been surfing the web, carefully reading through job postings, analyzing descriptions and requirements until my eyes water, for hours, days, even weeks.

I will not lose hope. I believe that we vastly underutilize our right-brain, our ultimate source of imaginative thinking. And I, as an artist, have no excuses for not taking advantage of my creativity to find a job. So after spending four hours sitting in front of my computer without finding a likely position to apply for, I feel more than justified to take a break and spend a couple of hours drawing.

Below is the result of frustrated rationality bleeding into a creative endeavor. Not a lot of drawing was accomplished, but a ton of creative mess! Feeling much better.

About Wendy Fallon

By day I am a technical writer, and by night and on weekends I am an artist and creative writer. Having lived in Phoenix, AZ with my husband Tim for 23 years, I find the urban wilderness in which we lived to be endlessly fascinating. Our home was tucked up against South Mountain, the largest city park in the U.S. The canal slashing across the base of the mountain provides inspiration for paintings, drawings, and sitings of wild coyotes, skittering fluffs of newborn quail, lizards and constant change.
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