Daily Sketch 05/02/12 ‘In My Right Mind’

As I stare at my monitor I’m becoming more than a little frustrated. Such is my despair at not finding a job. I’ve been surfing the web, carefully reading through job postings, analyzing descriptions and requirements until my eyes water, for hours, days, even weeks.

I will not lose hope. I believe that we vastly underutilize our right-brain, our ultimate source of imaginative thinking. And I, as an artist, have no excuses for not taking advantage of my creativity to find a job. So after spending four hours sitting in front of my computer without finding a likely position to apply for, I feel more than justified to take a break and spend a couple of hours drawing.

Below is the result of frustrated rationality bleeding into a creative endeavor. Not a lot of drawing was accomplished, but a ton of creative mess! Feeling much better.

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