Notes of Thanks

Hand-written thank you notes seem to be a dying practice. Receiving personal mail through the post, be it holiday, birthday or condolence cards or even a letter, is an event to be celebrated in our house. So when Tim asked me to turn yesterday’s drawing into thank you notes I was thrilled to do it.

My painting skills don’t always live up to my expectations, and like most artists I’m never 100% happy with any of my work. But I was pleased to offer up the following finished piece…and reminded to thank all of you who are reading this and supporting my efforts.


5 thoughts on “Notes of Thanks

  1. I’m so thankful for family. My cousin Wendy happened to share these beautiful lilies… And ironically I am sitting in front of some of the same. These “Stargazer Lilies” are incredibly fragrant, lifting the nose right up to them! My prayers continue for Tim and his loved ones.


  2. This is a beautiful painting, looks like watercolor which is particularly hard to master – it’s very good. I’d like to encourage you to read the book Art & fear, I’ve posted the book info on my blog It’s for all people creating art, filled with all the topics around doubt, fear, next steps etc. – I found it very enlightening and encouraging to read. Keep going, you’re doing great work.


  3. Thank you for your encouraging words, Jutta – I’m very glad that you enjoy my efforts. I have this book, Art & Fear, it is one of my favorites.


  4. Thank you, Jutta, for your encouraging words! Art & Fear is one of my favorite books. Artists, above all others, need to be encouraged. I think art springs from a very personal part of the artist which sometimes makes it hard for some of us to share our work with the public. Your artwork is inspiring me to work on mine!


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