Daily Sketch 04/25/12 ‘Velma’s Lilies’

A beautiful bouquet of lillies and roses was delivered to our door. Each flower has slowly shown its brilliant colors of creamy white shot through with deep pink over the last week. The white rose buds have unfurled and the lily pods have exploded, a few each day.

I couldn’t resist them. I carried the whole vase outside today and sat in our backyard to draw. As I sat on a dusty lounge chair, concentrating on getting the fleshy petals just right, I heard a whirrrrrrrr just two feet above my head.

My little hummer, ever courious, had come to investigate (I’ve named him Henri.) He hovered between me and the flowers for several seconds, looked me straight in the eye, and zipped off. I don’t think he trusts me. After all, he’s been fooled several times by the brightly colored flowers on the bathing suit my daughter leaves hanging over our patio chair to dry.

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