Life, Death & Personal Commitment

I have discovered how easily personal commitment can be derailed by life…and death…and that it’s as it should be. Last week my husband’s mom passed away and the painting below is dedicated to my hubby, Tim, and his mother, Velma. 

As for my own intention of a sketch a day, I found it to be surprisingly selfish to spend my time last week pursuing my own interests. But I firmly believe everything works out as it should, and Tim and I enjoyed a quiet, loving & healing week supporting each other.

‘Hide & Seek,’ 6″x6″, watercolor & color pencil
© Wendy Fallon

2 thoughts on “Life, Death & Personal Commitment

  1. After seeing all the wonderful things you are up to… and daisy… I can really appreciate this WONDERFUL picture of Hide & Seek ! Kudo’s to you – PRO ! Scott


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