Daily Sketch 04/13/12 ‘Anticipation’

Up to now I would have never considered myself a bird watcher. I’ve not had the time or interest before to sit still long enough to really see them, but for the last several late mornings in a row I’ve had a visitor.

A hummingbird peeks into my picture windows every day just as the sun begins to warm the backyard. He buzzes around with all the curiosity of a toddler and the twitchy excitement of too much caffeine. He zips from one window to the next, then back again, for a brief few minutes and then takes off.

When he’s gone I sit for a moment and savor the pure awe and delight he leaves me with. All I can recall is the tiny curve of beak and tail, gem-tone colors, a blur of wings, and tiny bright eyes.

I really, really want him to sit still just long enough for me to throw a few lines on paper for his portrait. I know he will not slow down for me, but with enough visits I might just be able to capture a vision of him in my mind. Today I’m ready for him. I’m sitting here just waiting for this tiny fly-by miracle.

Ok, so I had to do some research about this guy to figure out how he’s built. But these drawings are inspired my own visitor – who brought a friend with him today!


About Wendy Fallon

By day I am a technical writer, and by night and on weekends I am an artist and creative writer. Having lived in Phoenix, AZ with my husband Tim for 23 years, I find the urban wilderness in which we lived to be endlessly fascinating. Our home was tucked up against South Mountain, the largest city park in the U.S. The canal slashing across the base of the mountain provides inspiration for paintings, drawings, and sitings of wild coyotes, skittering fluffs of newborn quail, lizards and constant change.
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2 Responses to Daily Sketch 04/13/12 ‘Anticipation’

  1. Jean says:

    Your description of the hummingbird activity is spot on. How nice to have such an elusive visitor.


  2. Thank you, Jean – he’s very entertaining 🙂


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