Daily Sketch 04/13/12 ‘Anticipation’

Up to now I would have never considered myself a bird watcher. I’ve not had the time or interest before to sit still long enough to really see them, but for the last several late mornings in a row I’ve had a visitor.

A hummingbird peeks into my picture windows every day just as the sun begins to warm the backyard. He buzzes around with all the curiosity of a toddler and the twitchy excitement of too much caffeine. He zips from one window to the next, then back again, for a brief few minutes and then takes off.

When he’s gone I sit for a moment and savor the pure awe and delight he leaves me with. All I can recall is the tiny curve of beak and tail, gem-tone colors, a blur of wings, and tiny bright eyes.

I really, really want him to sit still just long enough for me to throw a few lines on paper for his portrait. I know he will not slow down for me, but with enough visits I might just be able to capture a vision of him in my mind. Today I’m ready for him. I’m sitting here just waiting for this tiny fly-by miracle.

Ok, so I had to do some research about this guy to figure out how he’s built. But these drawings are inspired my own visitor – who brought a friend with him today!


2 thoughts on “Daily Sketch 04/13/12 ‘Anticipation’

  1. Your description of the hummingbird activity is spot on. How nice to have such an elusive visitor.


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