Daily Sketch 04/09/12

I completed this sketch from a photo of my daughter when she was 6. She was crabbing off Grandpa’s dock along the New Jersey shore.

I’ve discovered that once I complete any of these sketches, I want to paint them all! For each sketch I’m currently using 6″x6″, 100% cotten, 140 lb. cold pressed watercolor paper. This will allow me to use a choice of water media, and the size constrains me to approximately an hour of drawing.

Now that I’m spending more time at home, I’ve also discovered that we have a variety of wildlife right in our backyard. We are lucky enough to back up to a Phoenix Park and Rec urban trail built along a small canal. It’s used every day by hikers, runners and horseback riders, as well as early morning rabbits, quail and ground squirrels. With South Mountain as the backdrop there’s always something interesting to see and draw!

2 thoughts on “Daily Sketch 04/09/12

  1. Hehe, I still have vague recollections of times spent like this;-) I love the sketch! Are you going to sketch some horses from your backyard view next? Or perhaps cute little quail is more your style…. Can’t wait to see!


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