When I started this blog I wasn’t sure anyone would care enough to read it. I had always felt that blogs were for those who simply liked to read their own words and too self-centric to really contribute to anything important. But I’m rapidly changing my mind.

I’ve decided the only thing each of us has to contribute to the world is ourselves, in whatever form we are blessed to possess. Mine is writing and drawing. I would like to use my gifts and addictions to encourage and inspire those of my own generation (or anyone else) who have been crushed emotionally¬†and financially by recent US and global crisis. These disasters have impacted my life on a personal level, and although my husband and I have survived to date, there are so many around us that have not.

And I’m addicted to writing! I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. So, if nothing else, I intend to contribute to this world through example and use this blog to work through a few of my own fears.

First, an admission: I haven’t made any NEW art in the two years since my dream gallery closed (Art on Boston, Chandler, AZ.) Therefore I’m thinking of starting The Daily Sketch, posting each drawing here, picking one to finish up with paint over the weekend, and then posting the result. Truly a New Beginning!

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