Work…or Play?

As I mentioned previously I currently work as a data processor. All in all, it’s a fair job for a fair wage and medical coverage. I’m not particularly good at it. Even though I fully expected to make my living as an artist and writer, I find I have no right to complain about data processing in the current economy. There’s a lot to be said about the financial stability of a regular paycheck.

As a result I find myself maintaining what seems to be a split personality. Following my ‘bliss’ and pursuing art regardless of the financial return simply isn’t an option. I have tried, by the way. However, there is one industry in which art and technology visibly intersect: web site design.

The success of a web site is directly related to its visual attraction. Of course, this isn’t the only criteria for a popular site. The success or failure of a site depends on intuitive functionality, the speed of downloading, the audience at which it is directed, how the site sells the service or product it is designed for, and how easily it is found.

My own fascination with web design is the basic fact that words on a page can instantly result in a graphic image. The immediate gratification of creating a globally accessible work of color, shapes, images, text, purpose and meaning is an artist’s dream. This is what I want to do when I grow up.

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