By day I am a technical writer, and by night and on weekends I am an artist and creative writer.  Living in Phoenix, AZ with my husband Tim, I find the urban wilderness in which we live to be endlessly fascinating. Our home is tucked up against South Mountain, the largest city park in the U.S. The canal slashing across the base of the mountain provides inspiration for paintings and drawings with sitings of wild coyotes, skittering fluffs of newborn quail, lizards and constant change…and stories of life and death.

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Excerpt from Learning to Write Murder Mysteries

Why would I want to write about murder? Because I’ve lived long enough to mourn the death of several loved ones, and am finally beginning to face the undeniable fact that death is a natural part of life. So while I’m personally not so afraid of death, I still shudder at the thought of murder. It fascinates me, like being unable to resist poking a sore tooth with my tongue… ~ Wendy

Excerpt from Adventures!

What do you do when you suddenly feel like you’ve lost control of . . . everything? It doesn’t happen often, but when it does I feel like I’m running around trying to balance too many plates in the air at the same time. My life is always changing, as it should be, but over the last year I’ve ventured into unknown territory. . . ~ Wendy